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In agreement with his tutor, the PhD student is required to present a study plan consisting of at least 100 hours in hard skills courses/activities and of at least 40 hours of soft skills courses/activities, filling the on line form for the study plan. The study plan may be subject to changes proposed by the PhD student also after the deadlines established for its presentation.

The following types of hard skills courses/activities may be included in the study plan of the PhD students:

  1. courses specifically offered for the PhD programme in Pure and Applied Mathematics or other PhD programmes offered by the affiliated universities or other universities, including foreign universities;
  2. MSc courses offered by partner universities or other universities;ù
  3. reading courses;
  4. working group activities at the level of a PhD course;
  5. summer schools and similar activities.

At each course/activity grants is associated a certain number of hours. For the hours of courses of types a), b) and c) the number of credits is defined by the teacher of the course. For activities of types d) and e) it is defined by the Coordinator. In any case, activities of types d) and e) may grant no more than 30 hours. The PhD student can take courses or participate in activities of the types listed above in every year of their PhD.

As a rule, the PhD student has to pass with exams a total of 140 hours of course/activities included in their study plan within the first two years of their PhD. The number of hours has to be clearly indicated for the courses and activities that contribute to this threshold. For these courses and activities, the PhD student is required to pass an exam according to procedures previously defined by the teacher or the person in charge of the activity.

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